About Me

Anurag-Duotone   Anurag & Shikha

Hello ! My name is Anurag Jain (born in 1975) and I am married to Shikha. We have a daughter called Harshal. I live in Jamshedpur, India and along with my wife run an organization called NEEV which is dedicated to Integral Living. While Shikha takes care of NEEV Soaps – A Social Enterprise, I take care of NEEV School which is attempting an Integral Education.

I am a student and reveler in the mystery life. As Krishnamurti says,

“Do you know what it means to learn? When you are really learning you are learning throughout your life and there is no one special teacher to learn from. Then everybody teaches you – a dead leaf, a bird in flight, a smell, a tear, the rich and the poor, those who are crying, the smile of a woman, the haughtiness of a man. You learn from everything, therefore there is no guide, no philosopher, no guru. Life itself is your teacher and you are in a state of constant learning.”   

J Krishnamurti, This Matter of Culture, Chapter 1

I have had my guides, philosophies and gurus in my journey of learning. I loved them and was nurtured by them but eventually life taught me that one cannot hang on to any one of them, beautiful as they are, because this would mean that one has stopped learning……become dead and mechanical. And a mechanical mind can never find truth.

I would call myself a spiritual person, though not in a way defined by any school, sect or religion. Though I am a deep lover of the teachings of J Krishnamurti and Advaita Vedanta, I AM NOT A FOLLOWER OF ANY GURU OR SYSTEM. As Krishnamurti says,

” So please don’t make me into a guru and I won’t accept you as a disciple because the disciple destroys the guru, the guru destroys the pupil. Yes, swallow that pill!”

J. Krishnamurti, Third Question & Answer Meeting in Saanen

The details of my unfolding spiritual journey can be found here. My journey which has got stabilized in “Choiceless Awareness of What Is” (Witness stage in Vedanta) is now on the pathless path.


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